Why should I Spay/Neuter my pet?

There are many benefits to spaying and neutering. the obvious benefits are not having heat periods and unwanted offspring. The animals’ tendency to roam will decrease. Most pets become less aggressive toward people and other animals as well. the neutered male cat’s urine will have decreased odor, they will have less of tendency to fight and roam, and it will not be wanting to mark it’s territory by spraying urine. The neutered male dog  is also less likely to roam, mark territory, and display aggression toward other dogs. Dogs will have fewer prostrate problems, tumors around the anus, and a decreased urine odor. The spayed female cat and dog do not have reproductive tract disease problems and both are troubled with significantly fewer cases of mammary cancer and tumors.


Removes the uterus and ovaries of a female dog, usually after the age of six months. A major surgical procedure, it is performed under general anesthesia. Complications are rare and recovery normally is complete within two weeks.


Also carried out under general anesthesia, removes the testicles of a male dog through an incision at the base of the scrotum. Usually performed when the puppy is about six months old. Full recovery takes about ten days.

is it save for a dog or cat to be spayed when she is in heat or pregnant?

Females in good health can have the surgery done when they are in heat or pregnant. talk with your veterinarians as to what is best for your pet.

Spaying and Neuter

Female Dogs:

1-20 pounds $200.78-$506.78
21-30 pounds$240.78-$546.78
31-40 pounds$261.16-$574.16
41-50 pounds$281.16-$594.16
51-60 pounds $316.16-$639.16
​61-70 pounds $341.16-$666.16
71-99 pounds $391.16-$726.16
99-110 pounds $$466.16-$726
110+ pounds Doctor Quote Required

Male Dogs:

1-20 pounds $195.78-$501.78
21-40 pounds $230.78-$549.78
41-50 Pounds $271.16-$584.16
51-75 Pounds $316.16-$641.16
76-99 Pounds $366.16-$701.16
110+ pounds Doctor Quote Required


​Male**  $110.78-$348.78

Base price for spay and neuters includes office visit, anesthesia induction, gas anesthesia, IV fluids, the spay or neuter, a cone collar to go home and antibiotics. Prices vary depending on surgical add-ons listed below.
All pets must be up to date on vaccines in order to stay at the hospital for surgery.
Male or female dogs over 100 pounds require a personalized quote.
*All females are subject to additional charge for estrus (in-heat), pregnancy, lactation or obesity.
**All males are subject to additional charge for cryptorchidism and require an estimate.