Anesthetic Dental Cleaning

Dog under 7 years:

1-10 pounds $240-$546
10.1-30 pounds $280-$586
31-60 pounds $305-$616
60.1-75 pounds $355-$666
75.1-90 pounds $400-$721

Feline under 7 years: ​$215-521

Senior Canine Dental Package:

1-10 pounds $546
10.1-30 pounds$586
31-60 pounds$616
60.1-75 pounds$666
75.1-90 pounds $721

Senior Feline Dental Package: ​$521

Base price for dental cleanings includes office visit, anesthesia induction, gas anesthesia, IV fluids, and the dental cleaning. Price range dependent upon optional recommended services. Pets over the age of 7 years are considered seniors and require pre-anesthetic work up as well as special anesthetic protocols. These prices do not include dental x-rays, extractions, or antibiotics.
All pets must be up to date on vaccines in order to stay at the hospital for surgery.
Dogs over 100 pounds require a personalized quote.

Surgical Add-Ons

Pre-Anesthetic Blood Work

Mini panel $70.00
Complete Panel $140.00
Complete Panel with Electrolytes $190


We offer microchiping for all pets. Microchips are $26.00 and take just a few minutes to implant and register!

Pain Package

Cats $45.00
Dogs 0-27 Pounds $45.00
Dogs 28-50 Pounds $50.00
Dogs 51-75 Pounds $60.00
Dogs 76-100 Pounds $70.00

Senior Feline Dental Package: ​$521


We now offer Sevoflourane, a newer and even safer anesthetic for your pets! Especially for our senior and high risk patients, it is a good idea for all animals undergoing an anesthetic procedure! Ask our receptionists for details on why Sevoflourane is right for your pet!

Add-on Sevo for Spays, Neuters, Dentals

0-20 Pounds $50.00
21-40 pounds $100.00
41-50 Pounds $100.00
51-75 Pounds $150.00
76-99 Pounds $200.00


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