AAA Animal Hospital FAQs

We are here to answer all your questions and concerns.

What makes AAA Animal Hospital special?

AAA Animal Hospital was founded in 1971.

We have been providing veterinary care to Orange County for over 35 years. While Dr. Botros who has been the owner of this facility since 2003, has over 35 years of veterinary experience and strives to provide the highest level of compassion and care for all animals he treats.

Above all, our hospital provides various comprehensive veterinary services, ranging from full in-house lab work to same-day drop-off and pickup surgeries. vaccinations, to surgery. AAA prides itself in excellent animal care.

As we believe that great service can be given while still being able to offer low prices to our clients.

We want everyone to be able to have access to the type of care their pet needs. If we cannot provide the care needed, we will refer you to someone or somewhere that can. Our #1 priority is you and your pet’s well-being.

What is your surgeon's experience?

Dr. Samir Botros completed his clinical training at Oklahoma State University. He is a member of the “AVMA” American Veterinary Medical Association and the “SCVMA” Southern California Veterinary Medical Association.

Dr. Botros has been at our animal hospital since 1997, he was first made a partner before he became the primary owner in 2003.

Our Doctors

Dr. David Costantine
Dr. Gonzales
Dr. Anne
Dr. Bolous
Dr. Kim

Since you are a walk-in clinic, what are wait-times like?

Due to the first-come-first-serve policy, wait times vary and are unpredictable. Our Doctors and staff are trained to do quick and efficient work, to get each client out at a reasonable time. For boarding, surgery, and hospitalization cases please give yourself enough time in your schedule to wait until we can check you in and go over any paperwork.

Every case is different and may vary in wait time for diagnostics and treatment. Emergencies will always have priority and may make wait times longer.

Please be kind and courteous to our staff, as we will always try to get every client and patient discharged as quickly as possible.

*As a result of COVID-19, wait times may be longer than usual.

What can I expect with my puppy's / Kitten's first round of shots?

For all of our new puppy and kitten owners, we require an updated yearly exam from one of our doctors from our facility to be able to give vaccinations to your pet.

Vaccinations are boosters for your new puppy or kitten after their mother’s antibodies begin to leave their bodies to help prevent them from commonly known viruses.

Every 3 weeks from the starting date of administration, another booster will be administered to help prevent your new family member from getting sick.

Once they complete all 3 rounds, they are good for a whole year!

How Kittens Vaccines work?

For our kittens, we usually start vaccines at 8 weeks with the first round of shots being Roundworm 1/2 and FVRCP 1/2.

At 11-12 weeks, the second round of vaccines administered would be: Roundworm 2/2, FVRCP 2/3, and FELV 1/2 (optional).

At 14-16 weeks, the third and last round of vaccines that should be administered are:
FVRCP 3/3, FELV 2/2 (optional), and Rabies 1 year.

Kitten package = $200

Our kitten package includes:

The first required office visit, an out-house fecal exam, an in-house FELV/FIV/HW test (delete from here AND CORNERSTONE!), prepaid 3 rounds of FVRCP, prepaid 2 rounds of Roundworm deworming, and prepaid 1 round of Rabies.>

What are the prices?
Which pet vaccines are required by law?

Vaccines required by law for boarding facilities, and for staying in your facility:

  • Rabies vaccine for canines.
  • Vaccines required to board your pet (any facility):
    • DHP-Parvo, Bordetella, and Rabies for canines.
    • FVRCP and Rabies for felines.
  • Vaccines required to stay in our facility for boarding and/or baths:
    • DHP-Parvo, Bordetella, and Rabies for canines

FeLV and Rabies for felines.

What is your privacy policy?

Any site that requires users to sign up or provide any personal data is required by law to have a Privacy Policy.

Our Privacy Policy not that complicated, we collect the main data that we’ll need it, to make the connection with our clients more easier.

Above all, if you want to reed more, here is our Privacy Policy.

What information do I need to give?

Your personal Info such as:

  • Your name.
  • Email address.
  • IP Address.
  • Phone Number.
  • Date of Birth.

If you wanna know more details, you can check our New Client Form.

How are Puppy Vaccines work?

For our pups, we usually start vaccines at 8 weeks old with the first round of shots being the Roundworm 1/2 and DHP-Parvo 1/3.

At 11-12 weeks, the second round of vaccines administered would be: Roundworm 2/2, DHP-Parvo 2/3, Bordetella 1/2, and Corona 1/2 (optional) (not COVID-19 related).

If you bring your puppy in at 12 weeks, we may also give the Rabies 1yr vaccine.

At 14-16 weeks, the third and last round of vaccines that should be administered are:

DHP-Parvo 3/3, Bordetella 2/2, Corona 2/2, and Rabies 1 yr (if we did not give it at 12 weeks).

Puppy package = $200

Our puppy package includes:

The first required office visit, an out-house fecal exam, prepaid 3 rounds of DHP-Parvo, prepaid 2 rounds of Roundworm deworming, prepaid 2 rounds of Bordetella, and prepaid 1 round of Rabies.

What kind of animals do you care for?
What should I expect if I am a first-time client?

We are a walk-in clinic, so no appointments are necessary or taken for exams or treatments.

We see clients on a first-come-first-serve basis, so as long as you have signed in at our front desk, we will call you up to check you in once one of our receptionists is available.

After your pet is checked in, the Doctor will see your pet and go over any diagnostics, treatment, or medication needed from what they found in the exam.

A receptionist will make an estimate for you with prices of everything the Doctor recommended. Once the estimate is signed, the technicians may start treatment with that approval, and prep all medications.

Is AAA Animal Hospital associated with Orange County Humane Society (OCHS)?
  • Although we are neighboring facilities, we are SEPERATE. Dr. Samir Botros does own both facilities, and any treatment needed by the animals at OCHS are performed by the Doctors and staff of AAA Animal Hospital, but OCHS and AAA Animal Hospital have separate systems. That means we do not have access to adoption records and other paperwork from your visit at the shelter. If you have any more questions about the Orange County Humane Society, please visit https://www.ochumanesociety.com/ or call (714) 536-8480.
Are you a full-service veterinary clinic?
  • Yes! We do everything from annual exams to major surgeries for both canines and felines. If your pet needs further care, we will refer you out to a specialist for your pets needs.
  • Below is a list of most of our services and surgeries:
    • General medicine and vaccines
    • Complete lab and diagnostics
    • Hospitalization
    • Boarding
    • Bathing
    • Euthanasia and cremation
    • Full pharmacy
    • Health certificate
    • X-rays
    • Pre-anesthetic EKG
    • Ultrasound with our mobile specialist
  • Spay and neuter
  • Anesthetic dental cleaning and extractions
  • Mass removal
  • Wound repair
  • Cystotomy
  • Pyometra
  • Enucleation of the eye
  • C-sections
  • Exploratory
  • Scheduled surgeries with our mobile Orthopedic Specialist

and many more

Contact Info
AAA Animal Hospital Huntington Beach
21632 Newland St, Huntington Beach, CA 92646