What Is The Boarding Service?

The Boarding Service is very important for all pet owners, this is exactly why AAA Animal Hospital offers boarding services.

Your pet will be occupied with fun from dawn to dusk. Our Pets enjoy playing all day and end each night in their individual Cabins on comfy cots. You can rest assured they are having just as much—if not more—fun than you.

We offer a lot of benefits to all pet owners, and here are some of them:

  • The Pets will be safe.
  • Avoid the Injuries.
  • Attention.

The Pets Safety:

Through pet boarding services, the pets are secured in their own space. Here in AAA Animal Hospital, We provide for our pets more than standard kennels. we also provide suites and private accommodations for each pet.

Avoid Injuries:

Our advice for all our pet owners is that they must be vaccinated to stay safe with us. The pet owners must provide a complete shot record for their pets. All pets must be vaccinated against the rabies virus and specialized vaccinations require for specific breeds.


All Our Team provides each pet with adequate time for play, love, and attention. We ensure that the pets are comforted and receive adequate attention each day. This prevents them from becoming anxious during their stay.

In California, pet owners address the needs of their dog or cat while they travel through boarding services. These opportunities ensure that their pet is well managed and acquires everything they need. Pet owners who want to acquire these services can Contact Us today!

For any questions about your Pet, Don’t be Shy to talk with your lovely Veterinarians Team in AAA Animal Hospital,
as to what is best for your pet. We’ll be more happy to answer all your concerns at 714-536-6537
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