Dental Cleaning Procedure

Dental Cleaning Procedure

What is the Dental Cleaning Procedure Service?

The main recommendation for Dental Cleaning Procedure would be for such concerns as gingivitis, periodontal disease or tooth resorption.

Why should I have my pets teeth cleaned?

There are many benefits to getting your animal’s teeth cleaned. Bad breath coming from your pet always has an underlying cause, poor oral health. Bad teeth are very painful and can make your pet reluctant to want to eat. Bacteria and Infection in the mouth can travel through your animal’s body and affect internal organs.

What does dental cleaning involve?

In order to provide the best results of the dental cleaning we place your pet under a general anesthesia. Once we have your pet under anesthesia the teeth are scaled and polished. During this procedure we are able to assess if any teeth need to be extracted due to root exposure, rotting, cracks, or abscessed teeth.

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