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We know how difficult for owners it can be to identify the reason for illness or to care for a sick pet at home on their own.

At AAA Animal Hospital, we utilize the newest equipment and necessary medicine to help you and your little ones to get through any kind of diagnosis and condition.
Our certified specialist’s Vets are always at your service anytime you need them!

Just call us at 714-536-6537 to Contact Us Or Request an Appointment.

If you feel that your dear pet is suffering, Bring in for a check-up with our experienced Vets.
please let our doctors check on them and take immediate action if necessary. We care for your pet as much as you do!

Our Services

Keep your pet healthy and happy with regular checkups, veterinary services, and pet boarding at AAA Animal Hospital in Huntington Beach, California. Trust the experts in pet care with your pet, because only the best will do for your best friend.

  1. Vaccines and deworming
  2. Spaying and Neutering
  3. Surgery
  4. Dental Cleaning Procedure
  5. Boarding
  6. Bathing and Grooming

Other Available Services:

  • Low-Cost Vaccines
  • Low-Cost Span and Neuter
  • Soft Tissue Surgery
  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Aesthetic Dentistry
  • Digital Radiography
  • Ultrasound
  • Full In-House Laboratory
  • Fully Stocked In-House Pharmaceutical
  • Dispensary
  • Flea Medication
  • Heart Worm Medication


Euthanasia is a Greek term, meaning “Good Death”. It is a humane procedure that involves zero pain or suffering.

Euthanasia is often called “Putting the Pet to Sleep” or “Putting the Pet Down”. Reasons for Euthanasia include but are not limited to incurable conditions or diseases, lack of resources to continue supporting the animal, a suffering pet, or decreased quality of life.


This is a humane procedure, meaning it limits any extreme medical measures. This is a very difficult decision for someone to make for their fluffy friends. We understand the concerns one might have in making these difficult decisions.

To alleviate some stress, our veterinarians and staff will guide you and your family, making sure to keep the pet’s best interest in mind.

First, you and your family must decide whether you want to present. The decision is up to you. If you wish to be present, the doctors will place an IV catheter in place to ensure smooth injection.

This allows easy, quick access to the vein, limiting any further pain or discomfort to the pet. An IV catheter will also limit any further complications that can come about with any injection.

Our Hospital uses an intravenous Phenobarbital injection. The first phase of the injection is asleep which is why some pets lick their lips during this medication, meaning it takes anywhere from a few seconds to half a minute.

Take some time to say goodbye to your pet, if you wish, including hugs, kisses, and express your love in ways that are meaningful to both you and your pet.

You may expect to see (sometimes, but not always):

  • Stretching out before going into full relaxation.
  • Pets don’t close their eyes after passing.
  • Muscle reflexes that look like deep breaths, aka “terminal gasps”, taking place after losing consciousness.
  • If the bladder or colon is full, these might get expressed.
  • Sometimes pets can pull out front limb away from Dr. once he/she starts the injection if they notice that you are distressed.


You and your family will have to make a decision about aftercare. Our veterinary hospital works with a company that can arrange individual or group cremation.

The cremation company will pick up your pet’s remains from our hospital. We have different options for getting your pet’s remains back. There is a cheaper clay paw print option or you can choose to take home an urn filled with ashes back. We can guide you through these options.


This is a hard time for most people. We recommend taking some time to grieve and reminisce about the great memories that you and your pet had together.

Write out your feelings, talk to a friend, or do something special to commemorate the love you had for your furry best friend. We are sorry for the loss of your pet and understand how difficult it is to say goodbye.

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